By Christina Elias

Each spring, Elon University hosts Elon Day, a day to celebrate Elon’s accomplishments and encourage alumni and community partners to donate to further initiatives.

According to Keren Rivas, assistant director of alumni communications for University Communications, Elon Day began on the 125th anniversary of Elon’s founding. The trend in recent years is that donations have surpassed the previous year’s donations.

While marketing efforts have been traditionally targeted at alumni, the university holds some events for current students like a special College Coffee and a party where seniors are asked to begin supporting their soon-to-be alma mater by donating the amount of their graduation year – this year, seniors will give $20.17.

“We’re a private school where we operate on a lot of donations,” senior Miranda Baker said of the importance of Elon Day. “… And the knowledge that this year I’ll be asked to donate my $20.17, what I want it to go to.”

For some students, Elon Day doesn’t seem like much more than an opportunity for the university to fundraise.

Sophomore Rachel Coose
Sophomore Rachel Coose

Sophomore Rachel Coose said that while she doesn’t know the exact origins of Elon Day, she participated in the Elon Day College Coffee last year, where they gave away free Elon University apparel in celebration of a rebranding initiative. She said that Elon University should put more effort into including current students as well as reaching out to alumni.

“It’s important because it kind of gives a good focus on fundraising,” Coose said. “It’s a great day to commemorate Elon as a whole and put focus on the university.”


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